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Why use ME-TA as your next CRO?

We utilise the Metawebservice portal to achive our value proposition.

The service is used by Pharmaceutical companies. Currently including:




Files uploaded


Outputs created


Pharmaceutical companies use Metawebservice for storage and distribution of clinical data.

We provide statistical expertise within pharma.

We specialize in integrated analysis such as regulatory submissions and price negotiations.

Metawebservice is owned by ME-TA ApS a Danish based company (EU VAT registration: DK-37265705).

Metawebservice is a validated, audited system.


We use ME-TA consultants and subcontracters. Combined the partners at ME­-TA have worked for 5 of the Top 10 Pharma companies and 9 of the Danish Pharma companies.

GCP CVs are available on request. Previous positions include specialist positions within statistics and statistical programing.

IT Security and compliance

Metawebservice is designed to meet industry requirements for data protection, change control and compliance with regulations including US 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

Latest audit certificate and current policies are available on request.

Metawebservice is based on AWS components and inherent Security.

Statistical compute environment

Metawebservice is both a file storage and a statistical compute environment. We use SAS for data processing. SAS programs can be exported at any time and the backend to metawebservice ensures that all files at metawebservice stays up to date with uploaded data and changes to SAS programs. The statistical outputs are generated within metawebservice, ensuring reproducability and traceability of deliverables.

Getting started...


Metawebservice inherits security by using AWS Cognito

User verification

Before data can be uploaded a verification of the user is required.

Uploading data

Upload of files is easy and uses encryption in transit and at rest.

Working with Metawebservice

It is important for us to deliver full disclosure on progress. Our process is to work systematically with the sponsor to proactively review draft material early in the process. This eliminates misalignment on expectation as well as activates sponsor’s expertise throughout the process to maximise the positive impact of the final clinical report. All outputs are version-controlled and linked to versions of programs and input datasets, increasing consistency and traceability.

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